Dominantly Delicious was created by combining two desires that are impossible to resist; the deliciousness of Sexy Chocolate and the allure of Lady Azelle.


All chocolate treats are taken directly from casts of the Canadian-based and worldwide demanded lifestyle dominatrix. Dominantly Delicious items are not mere imitations to simulate the body of Lady Azelle but they are Her exact replications in 100% milk chocolate.



“I am Lady Azelle, a Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix whose commanding presence brings submissives to their knees. I have been described as intoxicatingly seductive and now you may enjoy worshipping Me in ways you never before thought possible”

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Sexy Chocolate Store offers the playful to the naughty. All of our tasty treats come in 100% milk, dark and white chocolate and are handmade from our family factory in Pittsburgh, PA. All candies are from the same quality chocolate that has been serving Western Pennsylvania for over four generations.

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